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"Oh Allah, I ask You to grant me beneficial knowledge, abundant sustenance and cure from all diseases"

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Dear brothers and sisters, in this busy world that we live in, it is easy to get wrapped up in its fast pace and forget the importance of striving towards our Deen, especially the importance and need to make du'a.

We have therefore compiled a selection of duas covering many significant aspects of our lives and would suggest printing out all, or part of them, and keeping them close to you to help you to return to them regularly. It is important to remember however, that we must also reflect upon their deeper meaning and strive to make the supplication from the heart, for it is only when the heart is penetrated that we will become closer to Allah (), Insha'Allah.

Last but not least, let us not forget that there is benefit also to be gained in extending our du'as to the Ummah for:

Abu Dharr reported that Allah's Messenger () said:

'There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother behind his back (in his absence) that the Angels do not say: "The same for you too".'

(Muslim: 35: 118)


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