Etiquette of Du'a

  1. Ask with absolute resolve, and believe with certainty that your du’a will be answered (read more..)
  2. Perseverance in making du’a (
  3. Make du’a in every condition (
  4. Du’a should not be made against family and property (read more..)
  5. Du’a should not be directed to other than Allah () alone(read more..)
  6. The supplicant should keep his voice between a whisper and speaking aloud (read more..)
  7. Ask Allah () with His Beautiful Names (
  8. Confession of sin (
  9. Rhymed prose should be avoided in du’a (
  10. One should show humility, entreaty, desire and fear while making du’a (read more..)
  11. One should repent and try to make amends where one has wronged (read more..)
  12. Du’a should be repeated three times as confirmed in the following hadith (read more..)
  13. Conveying the blessings of Allah () (salat) to the Prophet () (read more..)
  14. Facing the Qiblah while making du’a (
  15. One should raise both hands (
  16. One should have ablution* (

* This is recommended (mustahab) and not compulsory (wajib). There are hadith reported by Muslim and others that the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa salaam) used to remember Allah (swt) all the time. Thus it is permissible to supplicate even when one is need of an obligatory bath.

Sources :

(‘The Book of Du’a’ by Shaikh Hussain Al-‘Awaaishah. Published by Jam’iat Ihyaa’ Minhaaj Al-Sunnah p.11-21)