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Modes of Recitation

There are three modes of recitation:

  1. Tahqeeq, precise - methodical:

    It is the precise, slow recitation that is meticulous and heedful of meaning. It gives each letter, in place and manner, its rightful measure (according to the rules of Tajweed).

  2. Hadr, rapidity:

    Rapid recitation with a running flow that nevertheless takes into account the rules of tajweed.

  3. Tadweer, in between:

    To take a midway course between the tahqeeq and hadr.

    The three modes of recitation are permitted for the benefit of the reader, that he may choose what is most suitable for him. They are all included in the meaning of the word 'tarteel' as it is mentioned in the Qur'an:

    'And recite the Qur'an with tarteel'

    (Surah Muzzammil ; 73:4)

  4. Click here to view a printable table that clarifies the difference between the modes of recitation


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